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Mobile Festival Bar Hire Services In Southampton

Indulge in the festival bar experience with Partlea Sober, serving Southampton and beyond. Our adaptability shines as we tailor our menu and aesthetic to suit any event, from family-friendly affairs to pulsating EDM raves. With a penchant for thriving in the bustling festival atmosphere, we bring our core values of sun, good times, and exceptional food and drink - delivered to every occasion. Having graced festivals across the UK, we've become synonymous with spreading joy and serving up sensational cocktails to smiling faces nationwide. For festivals, we pay for the pitch and charge per unit.


Embrace the classic Partlea Sober experience at festivals and public events, where our pre-written menu ensures simplicity and convenience—just pay as you go and savour the moment. Contact us for more information.

Festival Bar Hire With Partlea Sober: Elevating Your Event Experience

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Catering To Music Lovers

Festivals are bustling events, demanding efficient service to satisfy the thirst of countless attendees. With Partlea Sober's festival bar hire, worry not about numbers; we ensure a smooth flow of refreshments and maximise enjoyment for all music enthusiasts.

Tailored Solutions For Your Event

Working closely with you, we tailor our festival bars to suit the timing and scale of your event. From standard wooden bars to exclusive VIP units, our bars come in various themes and sizes, catering to diverse preferences and enhancing the ambience of your festival.

Expertise And Efficiency

Benefit from our unparalleled experience in festival bars. Our trained staff excel in rapid setup and takedown, ensuring seamless operations throughout your event. With Partlea Sober, you can trust in efficient service every time.

Comprehensive Bar Offerings

Choose from an exciting array of cocktails and non-alcoholic mocktails crafted by our experienced mixologists. Contact us below to discuss the options available.

Convenience And Accessibility

When multiple bars are available at an event we stand out by prioritising convenience, reducing queuing times and ensuring easier accessibility for attendees. Our experience and focus allows us to eliminate the inconvenience of long waits, encouraging guests to enjoy the event rather than stand in a queue.

Tailored To Your Festival

Every festival is unique, and our festival bars are tailored to fit your event perfectly. Contact Partlea Sober today for festival bar hire, where convenience, variety, and exceptional service are guaranteed to impress your guests.

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Keep The Drinks Flowing At Your Festival With Our Professional Festival Bar Services. Call Us Today On 07306 167934.

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